Ombudsman, on the air

Peter Hourihan dropped by Edmonton’s 630 CHED studios recently to chat about his dual roles as Alberta’s Ombudsman and the province’s first Public Interest Commissioner.

The stop was part of Peter’s efforts to raise awareness of the services offered by …


Meeting Albertans face to face

Visiting communities across Alberta is one of the best ways to connect with people.

That’s why Alberta’s Ombudsman, Peter Hourihan, and a team of investigators have been visiting towns and cities across the province since last spring.

The goal is …


Ombudsman releases annual report

The Alberta Ombudsman’s 2012/2013 annual report is available for download, here. It provides a detailed look at the work we’ve done over the past year, as well as the path we’re charting for years to come, and our plan …


Promoting fairness in the south

Alberta’s Ombudsman, Peter Hourihan, visited Medicine Hat on Tuesday, May 29, and Lethbridge on Wednesday, May 30.

Residents attended a presentation by Mr. Hourihan, and had the opportunity to meet with Ombudsman investigators for information about how the office works, …


International Ombudsman Institute (IOI)

The Ombudsman attented the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI) meeting in Vienna, Austria in April 2013.

A number of Board business items were addressed. Most significantly, the IOI approved 7,500 euros to the City of Toronto Ombudsman, which is developing a …


Ombudsman hosts the CCPO in Edmonton

Alberta’s Ombudsman hosted all Canadian Council of Parliamentary Ombudsman (CCPO) members across Canada in May. In addition to holding the annual meeting, a tour was taken of the new Remand Centre in Edmonton. This was an excellent opportunity to view …


Message from the Ombudsman

Welcome to the third issue of our electronic newsletter. As always, our goal is to inform you about the work our office does as we investigate complaints of unfair treatment – and how it may impact you as a front …