This Municipality Resource Library is a set of educational resources designed specifically for municipalities.

Municipalities asked and we answered.

In 2021, our office surveyed over 100 municipalities. The purpose was to learn what educational resources the Ombudsman’s office can provide to address areas of interest and how to best deliver this information.

This growing list provides information about administrative fairness, the Ombudsman’s role and the office’s working relationship with municipalities. Each resource focuses on specific topics of interest to municipal administrators and their staff. Our guides are not meant to be prescriptive, but instead suggest considerations to assist in the development of fair and reasonable policies.


Download your copies here:

Tips for Handling Council Code of Conduct Complaints

Recommendations FAQs for Municipalities

Negligence and Liability FAQs for Municipalities

Dealing Fairly with Unreasonable Conduct by Complainants

10 Tips for Developing and Administering Fair Rebate Programs

10 Frequently Asked Questions

For guidance on how to put these resources to good use and improve administrative fairness within your municipality, please contact us. We are here to help.