Fairness by Design is a publication created by the Canadian Council of Parliamentary Ombudsman (CCPO)

The CCPO is comprised of provincial and territorial Ombudsman whose mandate it is to ensure people are being treated fairly in the delivery of public services. This administrative fairness assessment guide encourages public organizations to internally evaluate their programs and the fairness of their systems, policies, and practices. It also provides advice on how to develop policies that will ensure delivery in a fair and reasonable manner.

The fairness standards public bodies may wish to explore are:

  1. Participation and Being Heard: ensure decision-making processes provide opportunities for individuals to participate in a meaningful way.
  2. Impartiality and Integrity: ensure employees act with integrity and exhibit the highest standards of ethical conduct in the delivery of public programs and services.
  3. Lawful and Fair Rules: ensure the organization establishes and follows lawful and fair rules for decision-making.
  4. Reasoned Decisions: ensure the organization has policies and procedures in place that support staff to make informed and reasonable decisions.
  5. Equity: develop policies and procedures that support equitable programs for all people and groups.
  6. Accessibility and Responsiveness: establish processes and training programs that support respectful treatment and fair consideration of the needs and circumstances of all people.
  7. Accountability: develop a robust and accessible complaints process while fostering a culture of ongoing quality review and continuous service improvement.

To learn more about the CCPO and access the latest information and resources, please visit https://ccpo-ccop.ca/