Fairness by Design is a publication created by five Canadian provincial and territorial Ombudsman offices.

It encourages public organizations to internally assess their programs and evaluate the fairness of their systems, policies and practices. It also provides advice on how to develop policies that will ensure delivery in a fair and reasonable manner.

The seven fairness standards public bodies may wish to explore are:

  1. Participation: ensure meaningful participation by people affected.
  2. Integrity and Impartiality: ensure employees deliver impartial and ethical decisions.
  3. Just and Lawful: Make sure programs rules are fair and just.
  4. Equitable: decisions must be complete and relevant.
  5. Accessibility: program must be accessible to a diverse range of people.
  6. People-Centred: employee training must ensure respectful treatment.
  7. Accountability and Continuous Improvement: foster a work environment that welcomes improvement.

For guidance on how to put the self-assessment guide to good use in assessing administrative fairness within your organization, please contact us. We are here to help.