Ombudsman releases annual report

The Alberta Ombudsman’s 2012/2013 annual report is available for download, here. It provides a detailed look at the work we’ve done over the past year, as well as the path we’re charting for years to come, and our plan to get there.

This year’s edition features a focus on our oversight role with Alberta’s designated professional organizations (or colleges). The Alberta government introduced the Health Professions Act in 2001, and since then, our responsibilities have expanded to 25 professional colleges, including professions covering accountants, foresters and agrologists.

Also new this year is an administrative fairness guidebook we created for provincial authority decision-makers, which can be downloaded here.

The guidebook provides an explanation of administrative fairness guidelines. It also provides tips on writing full and fair decision letters. We plan to distribute this guidebook to all public entities under our jurisdiction, and make it available during public presentations and meetings.

Contact our office directly if you would like to receive a hard-copy of the report.