Ombudsman Q and A

Alberta’s Ombudsman, Peter Hourihan, spoke recently with members of the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs in Lethbridge about the role of both the offices of the Ombudsman and the Public Interest Commissioner.

Click the links below to hear Peter’s September 18 speech, as well as a question and answer session.

“The Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs offers a great forum for area residents to meet and challenge those in and around the public sector,” said Hourihan. “I was grateful for the opportunity to share information about the work our offices do, and to answer several well-informed questions from an organization that understands the importance of public policy issues.”

A team of three Ombudsman investigators travelled to Pincher Creek on September 17 to meet with complainants, and then met with complainants in Lethbridge the following day.

If your community or group would like to meet with investigators, call us at 1-888-455-2756 for more information.